„Bugs’ Race”is a 3D animation short created by a pair of students – Ania Jurkiewicz and Andrzej Ellert - in Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology in Warsaw ( It was mainly inspired by Pixar’s “A Bug’s Life” animation feature. The production of “Bugs’ Race” took two years to finish and was released in 2008. The animation was created with the use of Autodesk Maya. Music and sound effects were created by Café Ole studio ( Famous polish actor Arkadiusz Jakubik ( is the voice of The Snail. Currently Ania and Andrzej work as 3D animators in Crazy Sardine studio ( in Warsaw.

The film tells a funny story about a Race that takes place in a meadow. Little creatures that take part in it want to win by any means necessary. The first prize is the domination over entire meadow, so each contestant wants to eliminate his opponents. The main characters – The Spider, The Snail, The Ants, The Beetle and a very mysterious Worm try their best in the competition. Who will win the Race? See for yourself!

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